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Arëm is an ambrosial ode to an ancient empire. The restaurant is the product of an audacious and an innovative chef who loves experimenting with exotic textures and ingredients and inventing new dishes. With its mystical decor and its delectable plates, Arëm will give you a distinctive and unforgettable dining experience by evoking emotions and memories, and by tickling your taste buds.

Arem a modern restaurant with a traditional touch in the heart of Griffintown Montreal

Arem Restaurant based in Montreal
Arem a mystery Place in the  heart of Montreal
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Arëm Atmosphere

A mix of modern and traditional surrounding with a comfortable environment.

Luxury Restaurant in Griffintown of Montreal

Comfortable Environment

The trendy, chic and mystic feel of Arëm creates a glamorous atmosphere. It’s more than just a dining room, with its music lounge, the dim seductive lights as the night goes on and its interior design that makes you feel like you are entering an Ottoman museum. All you need to do is to relax and enjoy while you embark on a culinary adventure that’s simply out of this world. Discover Arem Restaurant Griffintown Montreal. Seat up to 80 guests

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Arëm Creator

As a child, Reza was a curious boy who loved discovering new flavors, different smells and peculiar textures. Eager to unleash his creativity, he studied architecture and interior design in Dubai and in Istanbul. Meanwhile, his fascination for food continued to flourish and allowed him to become a self-taught chef full of audacious creativity and limitless imagination.

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Complement your fine dining experience with Arëm’s imported wines, champagnes and premium spirits. We use the finest, freshest ingredients to craft our cocktails including some of our own creations.

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